Here are some easy ways for you to support the PTA all year!:

Keep clipping those Box Tops and Campbells Labels for Education Labels and keep submitting your receipts using the Shoparoo App! 

 Image result for labels for educationImage result for box tops for education
Shop at these local stores for even more ways to earn!

Image resultRegister your "Shop Rite Price Plus Club Card" and Gayhead PTA will earn eBoxTops.
 Image resultRegister your "AdvantEdge" card to earn points which can be used to purchase equipment for our school. Go to website and use school code 16136.
 Image result Register your Stop & Shop card and earn A+ School Reward points every time you shop. Your school can use the money they earn through the A+ School Rewards to buy what they need; books, computers, instruments or sporting goods. Go to website.