I wanted to let you know about an exciting new fundraising opportunity. It's called Shoparoo.  Shoparoo is an app that you download to your smartphone.  You take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Gayhead PTA earns money. It's that simple.  Go to the app store, find Shoparoo and get started.  Here's some interesting facts.  In just 4 months, we have grown from 19 to 52 supporters.  We soon will cross the $100 dollar earnings mark.  Now keep in mind, that's the equivalent of ONE THOUSAND Box Tops.  The more supporters we have, the more money we will earn, and the faster we will earn it.  Honestly, if you know how to download an app, take a picture with your phone, and food shop - then you can Shoparoo.  For questions, you can go to http://www.shoparoo.com or email Andria at getandria@yahoo.com.  Lastly, when you download the app, use this referral code and Gayhead will earn even more! FRIST596  - that's not a typo - it's FRIST596.